CommandBox System Modules

CommandBox can be extended by modules installed from external locations. When you install a CommandBox module, it will automatically be placed in the correct modules location (inside your CommandBox installation) regardless of where you run the install command from.

install commandbox-fusionreactor

Later, if you want to view, uninstall, update, or otherwise interact with these system modules, you can just use the standard package management commands, but add the --system flag to them. Any time you add that flag, the current working directory will be ignored, and you'll be interacting with the core modules installed into CommandBox.

package list --system
package update --system
package uninstall commandbox-fusionreactor --system

The package commands that accept a --system flag are as follows:

  • package install
  • package uninstall
  • package outdated
  • package list
  • package update
  • package show
  • package set
  • package clear

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